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See V3_Hardware for a general list of supported wireless chipsets in StarV3 and V2_Hardware for a general list of supported wireless chipsets in StarOS v2.

This article should focus on specific parts we use much like the Antennas article should focus on the specific antennas we use.

Since this is a community article you should sign any new entries you make with -~~~. That's dash tilde tilde tilde.

Wireless MiniPCI Cards

  • Compex WLM54G
    • Available from Valemount
    • Special note: There are many different types of Compex WLM54G cards all with the same WLM54G model name, but many do NOT support Atheros SuperAG features! I personally recommend sticking to purchasing them from Valemount because of this situation. -Tog
  • Senao EMP-8601+ and EMP-8602+
    • Atheros A/B/G. The 8601+ has superAG features.
    • 25 dBi, variously described as 325 and 400 mW.
    • The "+" means high-power, but non-"+" versions do not seem to exist and vendors tend to omit the "+" from the names.
    • Available from Netgate and others -Handyman
    • Special note: Unlike most of the other MiniPCI wireless cards we work with, if the pigtail is attached to the connector in the corner, then you select "Antenna B".
  • Wistron NeWeb DCMA-82
    • Atheros A/B/G with superAG.
    • 25 dBi (more or less, as with all such ratings).
    • Two variants exist: one with MMCX connector and one with u.Fl.
  • Ubiquiti XR2
    • Atheros B/G. SuperG?--hard to tell--probably not.
    • 27 dBi (600 mW).
    • MMCX connector.
    • Cannot do 802.11g in StarV3 1.1.xxx. Seems to be OK in 1.3.0.

Hardware address prefixes for popular cards (from tog's posting in the forums) To determine what type of card you have plugged in to your system, just look at its MAC address.

00:0b:6b = CM9,
00:80:48 = Compex,
00:15:6d = Ubiquiti,
00:02:6f = Senao

I have been upgrading WRAPS to V3 and trying to use up some of the cards I have laying around.I just picked up some Compex (MAC 00:80) WLM54G radios that were pulled out of Valemount supplied WAR 4's. I found by testing that the Aux port in the corner is really the Main "A" port. These CPE's are going on a B mode system so it is a good place to use em up. I just thought I would pass this info on. (Cooter) -cooter