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The last release of StarOS v2 was 2.11.1 which was a special cross-over release designed to facilitate an upgrade from StarOS v2 to StarV3.

StarOS v2 is officially EOL and has been superceded by StarV3 for wireless applications. However, StarOS v2 is the only "server edition" available at this time with caching proxy server, DNS server, RADIUS server, etc. No comparable StarV3 "server edition" exists yet.

Old StarOS v2 releases can be found here on tog.net and can still be licensed at Valemount's license-keys.com site.

System Boards Supported for StarOS v2

Wireless Chipsets/Radios Supported for StarOS v2

  • Atheros (Editor's favorite: Wistron NeWeb Corp. CM9 802.11a/b/g)
    • MAC Revisions
      • AR5211
      • AR5212A (AR5001X+), AR5212A (AR5002X)
      • AR5213A (AR5004X), AR5213A (AR5004G)
    • Analog Revisions
      • AR5111, AR5112, AR2112, AR2413, AR5413
  • Agere Hermes and Ruby chipset radios (Example: Orinoco)
  • Prism 2/2.5 Chipset radio cards (Better than Agere Hermes/Ruby, but use only if clients are finicky Prism chipsets which do not work with Atheros)
  • WL2400 2M PCMCIA cards
  • Newer AR5006 Atheros chipset is NOT supported in v2, example: Compex WLM54G 200mW Atheros miniPCI radio