V3 Upgrade Procedure

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Upgrade StarV3 Over the Network

  • This example is for Windows users
  1. Download current release from star-os.com
  2. Extract the appropriate firmware .pkg file for your platform and the contents of starutil-windows-1.14.zip to a directory of your choosing (Using c:\staros for our example)
  3. Open a command prompt (Start --> Run, "cmd") and change to the directory you extracted your files to (ex. "cd \staros")
  4. Upload the new firmware image: Type starutil 1234 -f vncOs-1.x.x-xxxx.pkg (replace the IP address, password and firmware file name as needed)
  5. Log in to your StarV3 system via ssh
  6. In the menu options go to system->upgrade firmware and follow prompts
  7. When the flash is complete reboot and away you go

Video of simulated upgrade: Simulation of V3 upgrade without actually upgrading unit

Note: If your ssh session is lost during upgrade do not panic as it will complete normally.

DO NOT: Disconnect or Interrupt power StarV3 system during upgrade procedure, as it will become damaged and will need RMA service to repair it.