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PRTG V6 (a windows based graphing program) Paessler.com

Installation on a Windows based machine is fairly self explanitory. Once installed you access the program locally through the machine. Add a sensor from the top list. Select SNMP sensor, or Latency. Select stadard SNMP. Enter A name to identify unit, enter IP address, enter port number (default 161) and Community name (default public /changeable in current V3). Hit OK. PRTG will now scan device for available interfaces to monitor. Once scanned it will show a list of available interfaces. Select interface to monitor, and choose type of bandwidth to monitor.

You will now be asked to come up with a name and place to put this graph in the graphing interface. Choose acordingly to your preferences. Done.

You may now watch the graph locally on your machine or through a web browser locally or over the Internet if appropriate port fowarding is preformed.


Is a whole different animal. It's still in beta phase and I am trying it out. But it seems like it keeps track of more statistics of the device itself. And even runs an uptime counter for each device showing availability.