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How to test[edit]

Excelent testing tool is program called "iperf".

On "server" side run: "iperf -s" or "iperf -D" to run it as an daemon (background)

On client side run: "iperf -c -r -P 10". On 1GBps LAN it gave me from 845 to 849 MBits/sec. Test will run for 10 seconds with 10 simultanious threads.

"iperf -c -r -P 10 -t 100" will run for 100 seconds, and

"iperf -c -r -P 10 -t 100 -i 10" will run for 100 seconds, and report every 10 seconds.

Notice: "iperf -c -u -b 100m" gives wild results like 41 Gbits/sec on 1GBps LAN so do not use it.

WAR-1a - WAR-1a, WLM200N5-26 2x2 HT40, 5Ghz,[edit]

Here are the results from a quick test using two WAR-1a systems. Note that we performed the test through the systems, between two large Intel i7 desktops. Connection Tracking on both WAR-1a systems has been disabled (important to achieve full throughput), and the network is routed.

Connection Tracking disabled, routed, v3 v1.5.16.2 PC (iperf client) ----x---- WAR-1a (Client) -- ( ~~25 ft~~ )-- WAR-1a(AP) ----x---- PC (iperf server)

2x2 HT40 = 88.4 Mbits/sec

WLM200N5-26 2x2 HT20, 5Ghz,[edit]

Connection Tracking disabled, routed, v3 v1.5.16.2 PC (iperf client) ----x---- WAR-1a (Client) --( ~~25 ft~~ )-- WAR-1a(AP) ----x---- PC (iperf server)

2x2 HT20 = 87.3 Mbits/sec

The following are between an Alix.3C (client), and a prototype AR7161 600MHz w/ GigE as the AP[edit]

both running v3 v1.5.16.2 Alix.3C (Client, iperf client) --( ~~25 ft~~ )-- Prototype(AP) ----GigE---- PC (iperf server) The throughput test was taken from the Alix console to circumvent the 10/100 Ethernet. All tests were done with Connection tracking being enabled on the AP, except for the last 2x2 HT40 test which has it disabled.

  • 1x1 11A HT20 = 50.2 Mbits/sec (from the Alix console)
  • 2x2 11A HT20 = 96.2 Mbits/sec (from the Alix console)
  • 1x1 11A HT40 = 112 Mbits/sec (from the Alix console)
  • 2x2 11A HT40 = 175 Mbits/sec (from the Alix console)

x4000 to x4000[edit]

[ 11] 0.0-10.0 sec 28.4 MBytes 23.8 Mbits/sec

laptop to pc on each side of exact same link

[ 3] 0.0-10.0 sec 21.9 MBytes 18.3 Mbits/sec


[ 4] 0.0-10.0 sec 31.7 MBytes 26.6 Mbits/sec

Just finished some new testing between an alix (single ethernet, 500MHz), and a war-1a (300MHz)[edit]

Test layout: PC (starutil client) --- alix (cpe) -- war-1a (ap) -- PC (starutil server)

WPA2 / PSK security in use

  • 11NA HT40+ 2x2: 11,100 KBps (88 Mbps) (limited by 10/100 ethernet)
  • 11NA HT40+ 1x1: 7,100 KBps (56.8 Mbps)
  • 11NA HT20 2x2: 6,900 KBps (55.2 Mbps)
  • 11NA HT20 1x1: 5,500 KBps (44 Mbps)

The throughput test does not increase the system load on either the alix or war-1a, both sitting around 1% (idle ssh session)

X86-PC(GigE ether) to X86-PC(GigE ether)[edit]

It is two IBM NetVista Towers, running the X86-PC Version, with Compex WLM200N5-26 Cards, and 30dBi DualPol Solid Dishes. It's a short link, under a KM.

Link shows 300Mbit, but sometimes drops to 270Mbit for a few seconds.

  • Performance is great - about 19,000 KBps (152 MBps) through this link with an HT40+ Channel, since the PC's have Gbit Ethernet, and that's true, uncompressed data, so that's very, very fast. That's almost 3x the throughput we got on an 802.11a Turbo link.

WRAP (266MHz)[edit]

WRAP (266MHz) caps out around 3,300 KBps (25.5 Mbps) and 90+ CPU load. Still not too bad considering their age.

XSCALE 266MHz (X2000) and XSCALE 533MHz test[edit]

Test layout: PC (starutil client) --- x2000 (cpe) -- war-1a (ap) -- PC (starutil server)

WPA2 / PSK security in use

11NA HT40+ 2x2: 4,200KB/sec (33.6 Mbps) 11NA HT40+ 1x1: 3,800KB/sec (30.4 Mbps) 11NA HT20 2x2: 3,200KB/sec (25.6 Mbps) 11NA HT20 1x1: 2,800KB/sec (22.4 Mbps)

System load scales proportionately with the throughput. HT40+ 2x2 is ~80 - 100%, HT20 1x1 is ~35%

XSCALE systems do not scale well with, nor designed for 11n cards, and do not perform as well as their successors.

UPDATE: XSCALE 533 (X4000) performs almost identically to it's 266MHz counterpart, with only marginal throughput gains.

UPDATE Feb, 07 2012: Gecko V4 should be able get 2-3 times more throughtput on XSCALE 533 and 266 systems. Testing is pending.

RouterBoard RB600 - RouterBoard RB600[edit]

Test layout: PC (client) --- 1 Gbps LAN --- RB600 (cpe) -- WiFI -- RB600 (ap) --- 1 Gbps LAN --- PC (iperf server)

11NA HT40+ 2x2: 113 Mbps (Both CPU's at 433MHz on 100%) 11NA HT20 2x2: 78 Mbps (CPU's on ~ 50-82%)

Maximum ranges[edit]

  • 11a: 36.29 miles (58.4 Km)
  • 11b: 65.64 miles (105.6 Km) (but limited to 32.82 (52.8 Km) via configuration, will be fixed soon)
  • 11g: 32.82 miles (52.8 Km)
  • 11a ht20: 36.29 miles (58.4 Km)
  • 11g ht20: 32.82 miles (52.8 Km)
  • 11a ht40: 18.14 miles (29.2 Km) (11a turbo is the same)
  • 11g ht40: 16.41 miles (26.4 Km) (11g turbo is the same)