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Logging into your new StarV3 system for the first time[edit]

The defaults are: on ether1 on ether2 on wpci1 (the first atheros card)

Additionally, wpci1 has a default 802.11b/g access point enabled so you can associate to it with a wireless client (a laptop's wifi will work) and communicate with it on

The default login is admin, the default password is 1234.

You must use an ssh client to login, PuTTY is recommended for Windows.

Gateworks-based WAR4 layout[edit]

Outside corner ethernet connector is ether1, power over ethernet input goes here

Inside ethernet connector is ether2

wpci1 - Top, closest to serial port, wpci1

wpci2 - Top, closest to ethernet ports

wpci3 - Bottom, closest to serial port

wpci4 - Bottom, closest to ethernet ports, wpci4

Gateworks-based WAR2 layout[edit]

Outside corner ethernet connector is ether1, POE goes here

Other ethernet connector is ether2

wpci1 - Furthest from ethernet ports

wpci2 - Next to ethernet ports

ADI-based WAR4-METRO Layout[edit]

With the WAR4-METRO face-down, ethernet and serial connectors facing up:

wpci1 - top right slot

wpci2 - bottom right slot

wpci3 - bottom left slot

wpci4 - top left slot

Also, the actual ordering of radio cards vs. silkscreened labeling on the board is:

  • pci0 - wpci4
  • pci1 - wpci3
  • pci2 - wpci2
  • pci3 - wpci1

See also forum post with picture.