Gateworks Reflash Guide

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WARNING: You will have to obtain a license key from Valemount/Star-OS after doing this as it'll erase the key information stored in the flash.

Tools Needed[edit]

  • JTAG - We used the GW16012 Rev D. You can get it from for $100 USD
  • A Computer with a parallel port assigned to address 378h
  • A DOS boot disk/cd-rom

Starting Out[edit]

There's two ways you can obtain a "good" flash image to reflash the board with. Every Star-OS release for the war boards contain two files, a VncOS-###.XSCALE-WAR-GW2348-2.bin and VncOS-####.XSCALE-WAR-GW2348-4.bin files for the 2 and 4 port boards respectively. Or, you can grab the flash off of a working board and put it onto a new board.