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Buying gold coins may be some very difficult task, even within the state of California. The coins come in quite a few dimensions, ages, weights and styles, characteristics that significantly influence the value. So you must do a little work before buying to make sure that you receive the actual gold coins that you desire at a price tag that is comparable to the market rate. This includes educating yourself on not only the coins, but also the dealers and safe and sound storage choices obtainable in your region.

Trouble: Moderately Simple


1 Gather data in regard to the coins you intend to pay for. You should know the difference among some Krugerrand (some 1 ounce South African coin) worth the present price of an ounce of gold also a California Gold Token that is often some gold-plated brass coin. It is uncomplicated to find information on the characteristics you must look for whenever buying any coin. Start with the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation's Coin Encyclopedia.

2 Research also find some respectable dealer. The Superior Business Bureau provides any list of the gold dealers located within California plus across the U.S. The NGC (see Means) in addition sells a listing of California gold coin dealers. However, unlike the BBB, NGC registered dealers are certified within gold coin valuation to ensure that you have coins valued at the price settled. Dealers certified through the BBB and the NGC are less likely to participate in fraudulent practices.

3 Check the coins prior to purchasing. Here's where you put all of that is research to very good use. Look with the characteristics that authenticate the coin. Also look for defects that may devalue the coin. Using these imperfections, you may determine to either reject the coin or haggle for a lower price.

4 Find a safe, dry location with your coins. Harmless or deposit boxes are instances. Gold coins shouldn't be remaining out in the open, especially the older coins, where they may incur damage or have stolen.

Tips & Warnings

Take the research and inspection steps very seriously. There are plentiful fraudulent transactions every daytime; the victims are typically those who did never do their homework prior to buying.

Resources. Gold Bullion Silver Coins.

List of California's coin dealers Coin Encyclopedia

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