Audible Signal Meter

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To enable SNMP on a V3 unit: Login via ssh, System -> Services -> SNMP Agent

From there you can choose to configure (set community name, enable/disable at bootup) or start/stop/restart the service on a running system without the need to reboot.

When using the Audible Signal Meter, make sure that you are entering the IP address of the interface with the shortest route to you, typically the ethernet but situations vary. Also make sure that the community name you enter into the app matches the one entered into the V3 system, community names are CaSe SeNsItIvE.

Aside from that, the usage of the app is quite straight forward and will prompt you to take any necessary action as needed.

    The basic workflow is as follows:
  1. enter the IP of the system to monitor
  2. enter the community name
  3. choose the wpci interface with the assoc. to monitor
  4. click 'Get Associations' which will populate the associations drop down box
  5. choose the association
  6. click 'Start'

You can change associtions on the fly as well as the output type. If you wish to monitor an assoc. on a different wpci card you will have to click 'Stop' and repeat steps 3-6.

Please, keep in mind that signal values are provided via SNMP and as such are a second old. This is important to keep in mind when aligning antennas and using this application.. move your antenna and wait a second or two to get valid results.