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If there is anything you think would be a good addition to the wiki, even minor things like answers to certain questions... stick them here in this article please! If you came looking for the answer to a question and you think it would help others to see the answer to that or more on the topic written here, let us know.


  • This is an example of how to add a suggestion to this page so it looks nice -Tog 12:59, 31 August 2007 (EDT)
  • So much for following instructions ... I made a comment in the Client page discussion area regarding dhcp lease times. -valenti 27 Jan 2008
  • That's fine, too! This "Wish List" article can be used for more general wish list items that perhaps don't yet have an article written. Putting a suggestion for a particular article in that article's discussion page is good practice. -Tog 19:50, 6 February 2008 (EST)

Descriptions of displays

  • I would like a description of each StarV3 display. The information should include basic facts and ideally some advice. For example, for the interfaces-> wpcix -> config current card, it could give facts such as what the allowed transmit rates are, what "cloaking 1x, 2x, 4x" mean, what "sync" means, what "diversity" means, and what "dynamic" means in the "Available channels" list. It could give advice such as setting the distance equal to your maximum client plus 2 miles, using Tx power 18, being careful to use Turbo channels if and only if the setting is Turbo. Some displays, such as the ones containing scripts or elaborate subsystems, are too deep for very thourough coverage, but a summary and pointer to actual documentation would be valuable. Some displays, such as "activate changes" or "configuration notes", are too obvious to warrant much factual information, but there may be good advice to impart. The main point would be to organize the information analogously to the StarV3 user interface, so that the reader with a specific question that arises in practice can move quickly to the specific information.

StarV3 feature table for various platforms

See http://forums.star-os.com/showthread.php?p=53458

Wiki should have a table in it for which features are and are not available in various platforms that StarV3 is available for.

Article listing what various common error or informational log messages mean

When one views the system log, usually things are fairly quiet, but occasionally you'll see some messages that aren't entirely self-evident. There should be an article that explains and elaborates on the various messages like that.