Wireless Miscellaneous Hardware

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This article should focus on miscellanous parts we use for our wireless setups.

Since this is a community article you should sign any new entries you make with -~~~. That's dash tilde tilde tilde.


  • Cheap rubber tape from Home Depot
    • It works. Over time, it degrades in sunlight and weather. We wrap it in vinyl electrical tape to prevent this and put on a dab of silicone to keep the tape from unraveling. -Handyman

Removing weatherproofing

  • It's a pain.
  • Use a mat knife or box cutter, if not a blowtorch or saws-all. -Handyman

Lightning Protectors

  • N-Male to N-Female Bulkhead 0-6 GHz Lightning Surge Protector
    • I use these inside my weatherproof boxes that I put together for APs. The N-male part of the lightning protector inside the box connects to the N-female/u.FL radio pigtails. The N-female bulkhead sticks out the bottom of the box. Ground wire runs from the lightning protector(s) over to a bolt that sticks out the bottom of the box. The bolt outside the box makes it easy to connect and disconnect the grounding from the box. -Tog