Upgrading to V3

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Upgrading StarOS v2 to StarV3

  1. Read the StarV3 Differences article to determine if all the features you require from StarOS v2 are still supported under StarV3 before deciding to upgrade to StarV3. Take note that client-side bridging like you may be doing in StarOS v2 (bridged wpci1/ether1 at a CPE) is not advisable in StarV3 1.1.x.
  2. From any StarOS v2 build, upgrade to the appropriate StarOS v2 cross-over release. You can find these at ftp://tog.net/staros/. If you are using the StarOS v2 Server Edition you will have to use to the "strr" router edition as StarV3 currently has no comparable server edition. Read the README.txt from that FTP directory.
  3. Reboot to boot the new StarOS v2 cross-over build.
  4. Install the StarV3 license you got from license-keys.com.
  5. Upload the StarV3 release version 1.1.14 for your platform using Starutil, then use "system" --> "upgrade firmware" to perform the firmware upgrade.
  6. [1] Take note that you are about to lose your existing WEP/WPA and ACL settings, though the SSID and other wireless settings will be retained upon rebooting to StarV3.
  7. Use "file" --> "reboot machine" and choose yes to save settings, then be patient and give it a couple minutes to boot back up. It will be generating a new ssh key and a WRAP's CPU (for example) takes a little bit of time to do that.
  8. Login to your newly-updated StarV3 system and re-enable any WEP, ACL or WPA you wanted to use.
  9. Update to a later release of StarV3 as desired (remember that I said use 1.1.14 above, now you can update to 1.3.x...)


  • [1] This is a loaded step, not to be taken lightly. For example, I'm usually updating a StarOS v2 WRAP client to StarV3. I usually just disable WEP on the AP for a couple minutes to re-establish communication with the newly-updated client after it reboots to StarV3. Then I can login to client unit, put my WEP key back in and then turn WEP back on at the AP.
  • [2] It is (rare but) possible that after booting V3 for the first time, your V3 license is not accepted since V2 crossover release DOES NOT verify that license entered is valid. In that case, log in from ethernet side and insert same license ones more. Wireless cards (links) are non-functional in this case.

Generating StarV3 Upgrade License

  • Take note of the current StarOS v2 system key, found in the upper right corner of the GUI's main window.
  • Go to system --> update / enter unlock key.
  • Click on "Get Request Key".
  • Go to license-keys.com to purchase a StarV3 upgrade key.
  • Feed it your existing StarOS v2 system key and the request key you just generated by clicking on that "Get Request Key" button.
  • Take the license key you receive and paste it into that license entry dialog where the "Get Request Key" button is found.