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Music may add an entertaining dimension to some website. Embedding music inside a web site can ensure that is visitors hear the music when they arrive in your landing page. Or you can create a created-with player control that lets your visitors pick out whether to listen to the music or turn it off. Embedding music on your website isn't a tricky method and can be accomplished with tiny knowledge of HTML code.

Difficulty: Moderately Simple


1 Upload the music file to your server that you need to implant. Do this using the very same technique you've employed to upload any other files to your web site. Free of the music file on your server, the code will never perform.

2 Open the page of your website wherever you desire to implant music. Operate the identical software you employed to create your web pages. Select to view your HTML page since code; then location this code into the section marked <head> to create a music file that plays automatically when some visitor reaches your page:

<noembed> <bgsound src="song.mp3"> </noembed>

For the series "song.mp3" kind with the exact file title of the music file you want to perform. Make sure the file extension (WAV, MIDI, MP3, etc.) is accurate.

<embed src="song.mp3". Zing.

width=25 height=25 autostart=false repeat=true loop=true> </implant>

Location this code exactly in your web page anywhere you want the on/off control to look. If you would rather use a console instead of some button, paste this code into your web page where you want the control console to show up:

<embed src="song.mp3"

width="140" height="40" autostart="fake" loop="False">



Sitewizard: How to Embed Music on some Web page Tzag: Music Embed Codes

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