ADI Pronghorn Metro

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ADI Pronghorn Metro (AKA WAR4-METRO) Layout

With the WAR4-METRO face-down, ethernet and serial connectors facing up away from you:

wpci1 - top right slot

wpci2 - bottom right slot

wpci3 - bottom left slot

wpci4 - top left slot

Also, the actual software ordering of radio cards vs. silkscreened labeling on the board is:

  • pci0 - wpci4
  • pci1 - wpci3
  • pci2 - wpci2
  • pci3 - wpci1

See also forum post with picture.

The board's dimensions are approximately 162mm x 147mm x 30mm, or 6.4 inches x 5.8 inches x 1.2 inches.